House's foundation

Choosing a contractor for any project can cause unease and anxiety for any homeowner – especially when the job is a big one like helical pier installation. Whether you’re using helical piers for a new foundation or need their help to repair a current one, choosing a helical pier contractor should not be taken lightly. Follow these simple three tips to find the best helical pier contractors on the market that will give you great customer service and an expertly-executed job. 3 Tips for Choosing Helical Pier Contractors Do Your Homework There’s no such as thing as overdoing it when it comes to finding a helical pier contractor. Get your short list of potential hires and head online to research[…]

Public adjuster

It helps to have someone you can turn to during the tough times, even if you’ve only met that person recently, but that’s the relationship customers have with their public adjuster. You may have heard the term “public adjuster” before, but it’s a generic title – what does a public adjuster do? Let’s learn more about this everyday hero and what they do for homeowners with insurance needs and more. So, What Does a Public Adjuster Do? A Public Adjuster Assists in all Parts of the Claim Process There are no two ways around it; insurance claims are convoluted, complicated, and confusing. You can spend hours waiting on hold with your agency, you can get confused at all the numbers,[…]